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              Detox Foot Spa Machine with Basin

              price: Negotiable
              Total supply:
              Delivery term: The date of payment from buyers deliver within days
              seat: Beijing
              Validity to: Long-term effective
              Last update: 2020-07-26 20:38
              Browse the number: 343
              Company Profile
              Product details

              Product Description:

              Round ion detoxification control device, white and green combination gives a fresh visual impact, palm size, light, easy to carry.Pure white Nordic wind foot basin, let experience ion detoxification foot bath body as clean as foot basin.Both perfect union becomes ion to discharge poison sufficient bath, loosen body and mind.Let you forget the fatigue of the day.

              Simple device, no cumbersome wristbands.Just add water and a little salt.There are 6 lights on the control unit, each light display is usually 5 minutes, all lights display automatically end.So it's usually about 30 minutes, which is the best time to balance the positive and negative ions in your body


              Product Name

              Detox foot spa machine with basin

              Control Unit Size


              Basin Size









              1. Good-looking

              2. Multi-function

              3. Multipurpose; such as home, individual, beauty salon

              4.The bottom is round and raised, with the effect of foot massage

              Benefits of detox

              1. Lose weight ; Detoxification can excrete the adipose cell that contains toxin in the body, accelerate the metabolism of the body, activate the adipose combustion in the body, let you maintain weight easily

              2. keep young; Cleans the skin melanin, lightens the complexion, slows down the aging of the skin, makes the skin white through red and healthier, and radiates the natural beauty.

              3. Enthusiastic; Make the mind clearer, the body lighter, promote sleep, promote health, let the body full of passion.


              1. Whether has the heating function?

              - No, This product does not have the heating function, it is only a separate foot basin, does not include other detox machine.

              - You can use it in combination with other detoxification equipment or simply soak your feet.

              2. Whether it can withstand the sun?

              - No, ABS poor weather resistance, easy to be affected by the role of sunlight and become color and brittle.

              3. How to check whether the equipment is in good condition?

              - Long press the on key. If all 6 lights are flashing normally, the equipment is in good condition.


              To sum up, for non-professional guidance, consult a doctor before use. This product is not a medical device! If you feel uncomfortable, stop using it immediately.


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